Tonino O'Beach

Make your vacation in Amalfi unforgettable

Kayak & SUP

The Amalfi Coast is world-famous for the striking beauty of its coastline so rich in coves and small caves and an enchanting sea.

At Tonino o’ Beach you can rent kayaks or SUP boards to leisurely coast along the Amalfi Coast and be enchanted by the spectacle of its coves, cliffs and beaches. You will discover freshwater fountains flowing into the sea, reefs full of fish beaches inaccessible from the road stone arches and caves.

Glide in a canoe over the sea of light on the Amalfi coast. We offer tours suitable for everyone, beginners and experts.

By kayak you can discover the beauty of the coastline overhanging the sea, the caves le galette and the striking Lovers’ Arch and St. Andrew’s Cave.



In SUP you can enjoy a magnificent sunset while gliding silently on the water.